Clean Note Policy

Notice to the Public

  • Soiled currency notes and those with slight damage that does not interfere with their identification as genuine notes are freely exchanged here. In case of complaint, please contact the Branch Manager
  • In view of the guidelines received from the Reserve Bank of India, customers are hereby requested that the currency sections shall not be stapled and instead secured with rubber bands/twine/paper clips only
  • Customers are requested to check and verify the loose as well as banded currency sections before leaving the counter and no claims whatsoever will be entertained later
  • Customers are also requested not to write or scribble anything on the currency notes.


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Below are the list of Supported browsers with their version numbers

  • Google Chrome - 49.0.2623.87
  • Mozilla Firefox- 17.0
  • Internet Explorer - 8
  • Safari - 9.0.3

Mumbai Office

75 Rehmat Manzil,
Veer Nariman Road, Churchgate,
Mumbai 400020 - INDIA
Tel : +91 22 61763800
Fax : +91 22 61763806

Bengaluru Office

No.25, Ground Floor, West Wing
Corniche Al Latheef,
Cunningham Road,
Bengaluru - 560001, India
Tel: +91 80 61177700
Fax: +91 80 61177750

Head Office

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Building,
Shk Zayed Street,
P. O. Box: 939,
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates