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Commercial Transactional BankingAt ADCB, we are aware of our corporate clients’ requirements, both in terms of daily operations as well as further development of their businesses. We provide the financing and trade services necessary for our clients to prosper and grow.

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  • SME Banking

    The importance of the SME sector is well-recognised the world over owing to its significant contribution to achieving various socio-economic objectives such as employment generation, contribution to national output and exports and fostering new entrepreneurships.

    India has a vibrant SME sector that plays an important role in sustaining economic growth, increasing trade, creating employment and starting new enterprise in India.

    While ADCB India has the same offerings for SMEs as it has for large corporates, our approach differs in terms of customisation.

    We offer personalised trade solutions for SMEs who have vendor-dealer relationships with large corporates. We also offer products for ambitious SMEs aspiring to grow to the next level.

  • Cash management services

    ADCB India's cash management services come with a range of payment and receipt facilities to meet the complex cash management needs of our corporate clients. Payments received from dealers or distributors and those made to suppliers are processed efficiently to optimise the cash flow.

  • Loan Against Shares/Securities

    A loan against securities offers you instant liquidity. You don’t have to sell your securities – instead you can pledge them in favour of the Bank. We will then grant you an overdraft facility up to the value determined by the securities you have guaranteed against the Bank. A current account will be opened and you can withdraw money as and when you require. Interest will be charged only on the amount withdrawn and for the duration that the funds are utilised.

    This facility is available against the following securities

    • Demat shares
    • Mutual fund units
    • Fixed maturity plans (FMP)
    • Exchange traded funds (ETF)
    • Insurance policies
    • Savings bonds
    • NSC/KVP (demat form)

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