International Remittance

International Remittances ADCB offers international remittances by telegraphic transfer via SWIFT to any part of the world and to any bank.

ADCB India offers remittances via multiple channels. Our remittance products are customised to suit your needs. You can select the mode of remittance based on the time in which you need to transfer the funds.

ADCB India offers you a simple way to send money outside India. Our outward remittance facilities make transferring money abroad quick and reliable. The Bank’s outward remittance facility is the solution for all your needs, such as money for education, gifts for loved ones, maintenance and home repairs, or donations towards your chosen causes.

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  • Remittance transfer via SWIFT

    The SWIFT messaging service is a safe, secure and efficient method of transferring funds. SWIFT remittances are generally made to and from international destinations. It is the most authentic, efficient and widely used mode of communication for financial transactions between two banks or financial institutions who have subscribed to SWIFT.

    Most major global banks are members of this system, which is a secure and dedicated network that ensures the flow of financial information remains safe and reaches its destination in a secure/coded manner.

  • All the major global banks are members of the SWIFT network, which is safe and dedicated to ensuring that the movement of financial information reaches its destination in a secure/coded manner
  • Your funds can be transferred to any destination in the world instantly and securely via SWIFT
  • The dedicated network ensures that there are no delays
  • Network funds and financial information is always safe
  • Rates, fees and charges, wherever applicable, are subject to change without prior notice. The latest schedule of fees is available upon request at our branches in India and is also accessible here

All you need to do is forward your request along with the following :

  • Name of the beneficiary bank
  • Branch details
  • BIC (Bank Identification Code)
  • Account number and name of the beneficiary
  • Purpose of transfer
  • Currency being transferred
  • Amount to be transferred
Currency – USD Currency - AED
New York, USA
(BIC code - BOFAUS3NXXX)ABA:026009593
(Account Number - 6550186008)
Abu Dhabi, UAE
(Account Number - 100372005001)
Currency – GBP Currency – EUR
HSBC BANK PLC, London, United kingdom
(BIC code- MIDLGB22XXX)SORT CODE 40-05-15
(Account Number - 00261896)
ABN AMRO BANK N.V. Amsterdam,
Netherlands (BIC code - ABNANL2AXXX)
(IBAN: NL25ABNA0428221548)

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