Trade Finance

Trade FinanceADCB India offers a range of alternative trade finance solutions that balance risk and payment. We mainly deal with two broad categories of trade finance: fund-based and non-fund based.

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  • Pre-shipment Finance

    ADCB India provides financing to produce or purchase raw materials and labour required to complete a sales order.

    We extend pre-shipment finance in two forms:

    • Packing credit in Indian rupees
    • Packing credit in foreign currency (PCFC)

    Pre-shipment finance is arranged on a needs basis and is only granted to an exporter who has a confirmed Export Order/Letter of Credit (LC).

  • Post-shipment Finance

    ADCB India provides financing after shipment when you need to generate immediate cash while offering payment terms to buyers.

    Post-shipment finance is provided against evidence of the shipment of goods and can be extended up to 100% of the value of the goods. It can be short- or long-term depending on the payment terms offered by the exporter to the overseas buyer. We extend post-shipment finance in the following forms:

    • Export bills purchased/discounted
    • Export bills negotiated (bills under LC)
    • Advance against bills sent on a collection basis
    • Post-shipment advance in foreign currency.
  • Bill Discounting

    Local bill discounting

    Corporate clients who supply or purchase goods under inland LCs can discount their bills at attractive rates. We assure you of a prompt service while submitting documents to the LC-opening bank and arranging for acceptance under LC.

    Export bill negotiations/collections

    ADCB India's export bill negotiation facility lets you obtain hassle-free short-term finance for your business. You can receive payment as soon as your goods are shipped, simply on the basis of your trade transaction documents. Export bill negotiation is ideal for your business if you do not have regular capital limits with the bank.

    • Competitive pricing
    • Quick turnaround time
    • Negotiation under LC is a lot easier than taking regular working capital limits from a bank
    • Maximum tenure of 180 days.
    Letter of Credit (LC)

    In a business cycle, the buyer is required to pay for purchases in the domestic and international markets. We issue Letters of Credit for various tenures depending upon the business requirements, which helps facilitate the purchase of goods in the local and global trading operations.

    Our Letters of Credits are accepted worldwide.

    Export LC advice/confirmation

    We advise on export LCs received from our correspondent overseas banks to the respective beneficiaries through a special courier arrangement. Confirmation can be given if specifically requested.

    Bank guarantees

    Various business obligations require the provision of bank guarantees. Guarantees are given by the Bank on behalf of its customers regarding specific obligationsof the customer to the other party.

    Types of bank guarantees:

    • Tender bond (bid bond)
    • Performance bond
    • Advance payment guarantee.

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